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Interests and hobbies I am a Slavic girl born in Russia . I lead a healthy lifestyle, I like walking, swimming, dancing, music, learning the kits of different countries.

I want to build a serious relation with the help of marriage agency. I am a Russian speaking girl who believes in love without border .

People in our community connect with native speakers for language practice, meet friends for cultural exchange and find travel buddies.

However, since 2013 the anniversary has been moved to the first weekend of September to take advantage of better weather conditions. The city covers 15,1 km² and is the 8th largest city by size in Lithuania.Once a secret settlement, this is a good example of a Soviet city.All its buildings are multi-storey apartment blocks built according to common layouts.I know I am smarter than you, ergo my point of view is better than yours.Current time in Japan: , April 10, 2018 (JST, Heisei 30) Arigato!

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