Updating sql database from a listbox

If you then wish to Automate this you include your working sql in vba code on your Form/Form Control and all should be fine. Recordset Dim lng Old Loan ID As Long 'Loan ID to be Refinanced Set dbs = Current Db 'populate variables lng Old Loan ID = Loan ID 'Check if record exists in Tbl Refinance for this Loan ID and Repay ID combination Set rst = dbs. Old Loan ID)=" & lng Old Loan ID & ") AND ((Tbl Refinance. Record exists in Tbl Refinance but SID not recorded in Tbl Refinance - allow user to populate the combo box With Refinance ID . Old Loan ID)=" & lng Old Loan ID & ") AND ((Tbl Refinance. Refinance Repay ID = " & Repayment Ref & " " & _ "WHERE (((Tbl Refinance. Requery then allows the form to display the data and not allow any further activity in the combobox. what i planned to do with the delete was move it in another temp table then of the id is found on the tbl_delete it would delete.

Set dbs = Open Database("Northwind.mdb") ' Change values in the Reports To field to 5 for all ' employee records that currently have Reports To ' values of 2. Execute "UPDATE Employees " _ & "SET Reports To = 5 " _ & "WHERE Reports To = 2;" dbs. The textbox is populated by a user defined function. the reason i am doing this is because my forms, ALL OF THEM are unbound. Repay No 'set repayment Number 'Find Repayment Frequency Sql String = "SELECT TBLLOAN. LDPay Fre AS LDRepay Freq " & _ "FROM TBLLOAN " & _ "WHERE (((TBLLOAN. One is an unbound text box control and the other is an unbound combobox control. LDRepay Freq 'set Repay Freq 'Find Late Fee Amount for this loan Sql String = "SELECT TBLLOAN. Loan Late Fee AS Late Fee Kina " & _ "FROM TBLLOAN " & _ "WHERE (((TBLLOAN. Think of this method like using a hose to fill up a bucket.The Data Adapter will use our connection (a well???

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