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Year 6 pupils said they thought France was in Britain and none who spoke to inspectors knew what an MP was.Books promoting inequality of the sexes were found and when a pupil drew an explicitly violent picture, staff failed to acknowledge it as inappropriate.Aside from slowbeef and Diabetus' videos, many others have tried their hand at Retsupurae in light of their success, especially other Something Awful regulars such as Chip Cheezum and General Ironicus, whose videos can be found on the former's You Tube channel. Diabetus: slowbeef, why do you have a 25-slide presentation? One thug, standing across a counter two feet from Graham, walks around the counter to Graham. Proteus: He's from the South, so he understands having sex with animals, but these aren't real animals. There's also a fair amount of overlap between accounts, and it's not uncommon to see slowbeef guest-commentate on Chip's channel, for instance. Diabetus: [...] I will come over here and we will resume this conversation. Diabetus: I'm from the South, and evolution is what happens when Pokemon evolve into the Bible, right? But despite being officially struck off by the Department for Education, the school is refusing to close.It remains open five years after major concerns were first raised – when a preacher was filmed making racist remarks about Hindus and ranting that ‘disbelievers are the worst creatures’.You got your funny Let's Plays, your informative Let's Plays, and your narrative Let's Plays that make up all the colors found in Skittles.

Ofsted found Al Ameen primary school, in Birmingham, was not promoting British values.In an age where just about anyone can create content and post it for others to see, the online community can serve as a prime example of quantity over quality.This naturally extends to the Let's Play community as well, with new You Tube videos posted left and right filled with asinine commentary or played on release date, Mac Gyver-like technical solutions such as filming a TV screen on a camcorder, barely edited material with minutes upon minutes of filler, and worst of all, barely any quality control to sort out the good videos from the bad ones.It follows an Ofsted warning last year about the safety of children from Birmingham and Tower Hamlets who stopped attending school with little explanation.At the Institute of Islamic Education in Dewsbury adult men who had not been vetted shared overnight accommodation with boarding pupils as young as 11.

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