The pro cons interracial dating

I am 100% born and raised Puerto Rican (meaning I didn’t move to NYC until I was an adult). He is first generation born and raised in the states. Growing up for both of us was completely different to say the least.

I think the biggest difference is that, he has been exposed to millions of cultures all his life, while honestly, I wasn’t so exposed to anything but my own, until I moved here.

There is nothing more exciting than diversity and this is what we try to teach them and celebrate with our lives.) They know some Spanish, but have a grandma who speaks Tegalog.They will eat arroz con habichuelas, but also pancit and lumpias.This is hard because we grew up so differently, so we go back and forth trying to compromise on which way is better and would be the most beneficial to our kids.My oldest is in Pre-K and we’ve been debating for about 2 years already if we are letting him take the subway by himself when he turns 10 or 12 or never- the last being my option! Because we already have such a mix that it just comes natural to have multicultural and multiracial friends. Each pregnancy was so exciting because we had no idea who our kids would look like.

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