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Through our collective experience, we have learned the intricacies of the justice system on both the state and federal level.We have built a solid reputation for trustworthiness and are respected by peers and opponents — a consideration that can rub off on our clients.Only three percent of American lawyers are board certified, and Mr.Brill is one of two attorneys in New York to have achieved this distinction.CONTACT US » At the Brill Legal Group, we cherish our duty to defend our clients.Our criminal legal system is based on the principle that every defendant, whether guilty or innocent, is entitled to a vigorous defense and fair treatment.Our experience allows us to to be flexible and agile, which has helped us accrue a solid track record in both trial and negotiation.We have the resources to handle whatever may arise during the course of your case, including grand jury appearances, congressional hearings, trials in federal and state courts, negotiations, appeals and arbitration.

He was found Our client, a Croton-on-Hudson (Westchester County) resident, was charged in Bronx County with DWI and refusing the chemical test.

We practice in Long Island and New York City area courts every day.

We have built a reputation with clients and judges, and our attorneys and verdicts have received coverage in both local and national media outlets.

As criminal defense attorneys, this principle guides us in everything we do.

From it, we find the motivation and drive to give each client and each matter everything we have.

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