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In the mid-2000s, his run on the Hot 100 was virtually unparalleled: He was the creative force behind Beyoncé's "Baby Boy" (nine weeks at No.

1 in 2003), Fat Joe's "Lean Back" (three weeks at No.

But he doesn't assume all the blame: "For me, it was the combination of cocaine and women.

You feel everything so much when you're on that drug, and you find yourself falling in love every night. And these girls want to go skiing all night long," he explains.

"I'm trying to take this medium and make it mine."Scott Storch: Behind-the-Scenes Video Storch has a tough road ahead. But after Storch's parents divorced, the 15-year-old dropped out of ninth grade and began crashing on the floor of the Philadelphia garage studio where Sonic was recording.

The Roots were also in residence, making their debut 1993 album, , and Storch, who had been playing keyboards since he was a kid, impressed the band with his talent.

"You couldn’t snort that much if you tried." By 2006 the cracks started to show.

He is once again writing and producing songs (for rapper Rick Ross, DJ duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and DJ Steven Lee) and prioritizing a new career as an electro-pop singer.

"Everyone was blown away by his chops," Sonic says.

"He's got black soul in a white man's body." Storch performed on and joined The Roots, co-writing and often producing songs through 1995.

On a scorching Wednesday in August in Miami Beach, Scott Storch is blasting a new dance track of his from the elevated DJ booth at Mansion nightclub.

Puffing on a Marlboro Red and dressed in designer jeans, spotless white Louis Vuitton sneakers and a gray Diesel T-shirt emblazoned with the words "Mr.

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