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Eventually, I agreed, but I was not looking forward to it.

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I'm sure that evening will make for another great story. (Update July 2012: Yongguen and I have since broke up.Still, I had agreed I'd meet them so there was no turning back now. Each had something different to say, some of their advice contradictory."Wear a cute dress and ." "Wear something casual so you're not trying too hard." "Bring them a gift." "Don't bring them a gift." "Don't talk unless they ask you questions." Well, I knew I could follow through with that last bit of advice, seeing as my Korean skills aren't the best.As they chatted in Korean, I noticed at the table next to us a Korean family and Western girl about my age.I could see that the same exact thing was going on at their table, which is weird as it's very uncommon in Seoul.

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