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Conway Christian School, Conway "Detention hall, suspension or corporal punishment" will result from referral to the Principal for "secondary minor offenses" such as being in the hallway without a pass, or chewing gum in the building.

Cornerstone Christian Academy, Tillar Stealing, cheating, lying, insubordination and public displays of affection are some of the specific grounds for paddling students in grades 6 to 12.

Escambia County Schools -- see this Nov 2014 news item (with video clip).

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Students who have received a disciplinary notice will not be allowed to return to school without the appropriate signature from their parents." Alternatively, "swats may be administered by the principal after parental notification".In this Dec 2016 news report, the superintendent clarifies that CP is always an option and no student is forced to submit to it.Parents "overwhelmingly" choose three swats in lieu of ISS.IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT EXTERNAL LINKS: The existence of a link from this website to an external website must not be taken in any way to imply that the website being linked to has any connection or involvement whatever with this website, or that the owners of the external website approve of or support or endorse this website, or vice versa.The permission of the owner of a publicly available external website is legally not required for normal transparent links of this kind, especially links from an entirely non-commercial site such as this one, and has not been sought.

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