Federal government rules for dating employees

To determine your FERS retirement eligibility review the FERS eligibility charts on this page.FERS also includes the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) that is automatically set up for you when first hired.

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(We’ve included a few late bloomers from 2017 as well, and a sneak peek at 2019.) Although local and industry-specific laws may be listed, these samples are included primarily to highlight compliance challenges employers face.

If you leave federal service before retiring Social Security and the TSP can go with you to your next job.

Both the Basic Benefit plan and Social Security require you to pay into the system each payday.

As the chart below demonstrates, municipalities have paved the way for new regulation on a variety of topics, including protected or paid time off, pregnancy accommodations, background checks, and equal pay.

Many new state and local laws enacted in 2017 have already taken effect.

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