Dating in turkiye

All the news about the scholarships programmes are announced from Türkiye Scholarships website.For Sports Scholarships Programme, candidates must have nationally or internationally recognized license, certificate, or equivalent document that shows the competence of the candidate or his/her past achievements for Sports Scholarship Programme.Türkiye Scholarships is a government funded higher education scholarship program which is designed for international students.The program does not include the foreign students who are studying in Turkey through the EU projects, the reciprocal agreements and the university scholarships. You will be placed in a university and program of your choice when you are granted the scholarship (Except those who are granted in the scope of Arts and Sports Scholarship Programmes).Candidates who can successfully complete Turkish language education and get admission in one year will continue their studies at the university as Arts and Sports scholarship holders.Otherwise their scholarships will be canceled at the end of Turkish language course.The candidates who want to study in a language other than Turkish need to have an internationally recognized certificate to prove their language proficiency.The certificate should be valid and must be uploaded to the system during the application.

In fact, these are the only programs that they can apply under Türkiye Scholarships. The candidates are not required to know Turkish for the application.

The Scholarships also include a Turkish language education for the candidates before they start their studies (including those who are placed in a program, whose of medium of instruction is other than Turkish).

Turkish language education is offered either at the university or a Turkish education center in the city where your university is situated.

In Turkish universities the medium of instruction is generally in Turkish.

However, some departments and universities offer programs in foreign languages such as English, French and German.

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