Dating a cocky guy

Some of us people just have broken love radars, we'll continuously fall for the wrong people, often people who will just end up hurting us. It really sucks, so at some point I suggest dumping the**** guy and telling the one that is "aloof" that you need to know he is really interested or you will keep moving along to the next idiot! This guy seems like he forgets and frequently changes his mind more than he probably changes his shorts.

I've had few of those relatonships that didn't last long. Someone read a book on being a "Alpha Male" and took it to heart.

A confident guy has a natural killer smile that makes you melt every single time.

A confident guy will have pictures with his friends, family and his adorable dog on his Facebook.

This seem to be the trend happening in my life right now. You have it backwards They aren't "acting" c-cky-- they ARE that way. No your not, but yes it is a national concern at this point. I try not to be**** thats just a little too pretentious to me.

Meet a guy who is totally down to earth, laid back, fun to be around. But they are acting totally down to earth, laid back, fun to be around so you'll date/sleep with them. To me if you gotta sing your own praises your definitely a little off key.

A confident guy is a planner, and is always down for something spontaneous and fun with his main girl.

A cocky guy is a plotter -- he'll want the best seat in the house so he gets noticed.

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