Crying cat lady dating video

At that moment, I could feel the eyes of every Internet user turn towards my tiny liberal arts college, waiting for a response.Tired of the usual “purr-fect,” I became determined to find a cat pun that was both unique and entertaining.(2014), the fairy tale retelling of Sleeping Beauty, with cats.Angelina Jolie, with her unusually pointy cheekbones, would become a Siamese cat and Aurora, with her natural curiosity and inexhaustible sleepiness, would be. .well, she could probably stay because that sounds pretty cat-like already.3) Meow-sician A meow-sician can be one of two things.It can either be a musician with an affinity for cat-themed songs, or a cat with an affinity for human-themed music.(The latter is unfortunately less common, but with all the technology we have out there today, I’m sure singing cats will become a reality in no time.) We finally have a name for Phoebe Buffay.

Though I didn’t know what such an event would entail, I was intrigued by one very important opportunity that it presented: the opportunity to make a genuinely relevant cat pun.You expect the unexpected, you are bestowed new reflexes and situational awareness to break their fall or stop them from toppling onto their heads.You create a routine for them and help them stick to it." Yes, as Jim Gaffigan so eloquently puts it, having another child is like you're drowning and then someone hands you a baby. It's not easy raising both a toddler and infant at the same time.

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