Camera chat template

And other times, you might want to save space in your photo album by packaging several of your photos together on one page.

That’s when you want to create a collage or grid out of your pictures. Choose your photos, and Photo Grid creates a grid for you.

Free CSS Templates are easy to edit ready-made web design layouts provided by templatemo.

They can easily be edited in HTML CSS editors such as Dreamweaver and used them for your own websites.

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Or, if you don’t like that much of a freestyle feel, you can also choose a grid from a selection of templates they have set up, and it will throw your pictures into the grid.

To provide your own strings, create a new ZDCChat Strings.bundle to use in your app and provide strings for the following keys: "ios.

ZDCChat.transcript Email Placeholder" "ios.

Any extra options in the app make layout creation easier, rather than add a lot of extra features that waste your time and distract you.

See the collages already put together as you select your photos, so you can get an idea of what they’ll look like as you’re making your photo selection.

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