Blackberry tour 9630 updating time zones

You can check though by going to options, applications, and look for the DST patch.

The BES5 should be as well at latest windows patch level in order to have the latest DST changes.

Managing Active Directory does not always have to be complicated.

If you are spending more time trying instead of doing, then it's time to look at something else.

I've been reading about the new OS coming tomorrow, and many are suggesting using App Loader to upgrade. How is it different from DM, and why do I need one/it?

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Run a custom microsoft update so you can check optional updates just in case.

Time zone change has caused me a few problems, as the automatic update of the time when I arrived in Melbourne didn't take daylight saving into account, so the alarm went off an hour late etc, and so I had to manually adjust the clock.If I ask the phone to change to Perth as the current location, it asks whether to change phone time to match local time in selected location, which means that the clock continues to show the correct time, despite the world clock being incorrect. Greetings, I am experiencing a rather bazaar issue.However, when I set an appointment from the device it sync's to Outlook but 1 hour later.I can correct from outlook and it will correct the device...

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