Are scorpio risings intimidating intelligent men dating

There might be a tendency to want too many designer goods, which can put off some people.However, they never have their foot in their mouth and are nice to people they do not like even.That is because Libra rising people are good at small talk.Whether or not they are really superficial depends on the rest of the chart.One weirdo is particular is an obese man who has a fetish for women who wet their pants. ) There is a stereotype about Libra risings that they are the "most fairest of them all." Many people on Yahoo! Well, I'm sure some of them do, but certainly not all of them.Yes, Libra risings do care about what they look like, but saying they are Barbie dolls or gay is out of line and not true.They know the socially "right" thing to do in any given situation.Libra rising people are polite, but sometimes may be seen as fake or superficial.

( Venus in the 3H, by some people, is seen as "stupid." ) If Venus is afflicted to either Mercury or Jupiter, then the Libra rising person may be "mentally lazy." That said, they might not want to do their homework because it is boring.Libra rising is sociable, outgoing and generally fun to be around.They are sweet, unless something else indicates in the chart ( like if they have Mars in the 1st house, which would make them more blunt. Generally speaking, Libra risings are tactful and are socially smart.However, these Libra risings are likely to come off as more shallow and superficial than most of them.With Venus in the 1st house, there is a desire to look overly fashionable and they might come off as overly shallow.

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